Work result of SPI among others determined by the work of supervisors and internal auditors. Supervision and internal audit SPI should provide added value to UB. For this purpose it is necessary required a code of conduct that govern the behavior and compliance supervisors and internal auditors to follow the guidance of of laws and regulations. Code of Conduct regulates the basic principles of behavior which in practice requires seriousness and thoroughness of supervisors. Violations of this code may lead to supervisor and / or auditors get a penalty start from a warning to dismissal from duty supervisor and / or in internal audits.

Supervisory and / or internal auditors must uphold, adhere to and implement the Policy as follows :

  1. To be honest, objective and careful in monitoring
  2. Have high integrity and loyalty UB
  3. Avoid adverse actions or reasonably could be expected to harm the UB
  4. Avoid activities that conflict with the interests of the UB
  5. Avoid the circumstances that lead can not perform the duties and obligations of objectively
  6. Not accept an appointment, remuneration and / or any of any party related directly or indirectly to control.
  7. Not utilize the data and information obtained for interest or personal gain
  8. No cause or reasonably could be expected to cause harm to the UB for any reason
  9. Report all the results of monitoring and / or audit to the Rector by telling the truth and not hide things that can harm UB andor may be illegal
  10. Fully comply with professional standards of internal auditors, Rector policy and legislation